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The Time Faction

Time is the faction of learning and discovery; knowledge is the key to true power.

Time is one of the five Factions in the Eternal card game. It's symbolised by an hourglass on an orange background.

Time Deck Strategy

Time is largely a support and control faction. It does have some powerful offensive cards such as Ancient Terrazon, however it specialises in healing your main character and buffing your units whilst preventing the opponent from attacking.

As the saying goes, Time is the great healer. For healing Time has cards such as Oasis Sanctuary which gives you five health for a 3 power cost. And it has echo, so for one deck slot you can potentially gain 10 health. Other useful life oriented cards include Refresh and Healer's Cloak.

For preventing enemy attacks has the Scorpion Wasp. With a cost of 3 power and stats of only 1/1 it looks weak, but with Ambush, Deadly and Flying it can take out most attackers unless they have Quickdraw. This is a card best kept in your hand as a surprise blocker rather than played to the battlefield.

If you're facing an army of Flying units then Time has the best response in the form of Sandstorm Titan (known informally to many players as 'Darude'). Whilst this is on the battlefield nothing can fly (which includes your own units!).

Legendary Time Cards

As of card set one there are six pure Time legendaries plus another five which have shared allegiance with Justice and five which have shared allegiance with Primal. Here's the card list:

List Of Time Legendaries

Faction Power Name
Time 1 Wandering Wisp
Time 4 Sandstorm Titan
Time 5 Idol Of Destran
Time 6 Mystic Ascendant
Time 6 Sentinel's Might
Time 7 Ancient Terrazon
Time 7 Rhinarc Huntpack
Time 8 Marisen, The Eldest
Time 8 Talir, Who Sees Beyond
Time + Fire 4 Diogo Malaga
Time + Fire 6 Heart Of The Vault
Time + Fire 8 Moment Of Creation
Time + Justice 3 Knight-Chancellor Siraf
Time + Justice 4 The Great Parliament
Time + Justice 5 Reality Warden
Time + Justice 7 Vodakhan, Temple Speaker
Time + Justice 10 A New Tomorrow
Time + Primal 1 Call The Ancients
Time + Primal 3 Crown Of Possibilities
Time + Primal 5 Cirso, The Great Glutton
Time + Primal 7 Curiox, The Collector
Time + Primal 8 Shimmerpack
Time + Shadow 3 Ayan, The Abductor Time + Shadow 5 Mask Of Torment Time + Shadow 9 Worldjoiner
Fire + Primal +

Justice + Shadow + Time

8 Nictotraxian

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