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Common Spell
Fire x 1

Cost:    1

Deal 3 damage.


Torch is a common spell card from the Eternal card game. It belongs to the Fire faction.

What Does Torch Do?

Torch is a cheap, simple spell that forms a core part of the Fire faction's arsenal. When you play it, you deal three damage. Simple as.

Three damage might not sound like much, but what makes this card so useful is its flexibility. You can target any enemy unit or, if you prefer, the enemy character (face). Even if 3 damage isn't enough to kill a unit or seriously hurt your opponent, at one Power the Torch is a cheap way to remove an Aegis.

You can also use Torch to deal damage to on of your own units. Why?!? Well, you might want to fire off its entomb skill. For instance if you have Bait on the battlefield but your opponent is using units with flying then you can kill off your Bait with a Torch.

Another useful feature of This card is that it's a fast spell. That means you can play it during your opponent's turn. Let's say your opponent attacks with a unit that has 6 health and you only have 4 strength to block with; after combat you can play Torch to finish the enemy off.

As well as including up to four Torch cards in your deck build, you can gain others from the Entomb effect of Rebel Illuminator.

This page written for Eternal version 1.21, Card Set 1    Last updated: 12-07-2017