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What Are Totems?

Totems in Eternal provide an extra level of personalisation. As well as having their character art at the top or bottom of the screen, each player in Eternal has a totem. Yours is on the right hand side of the screen, your opponent's is on your left.

Totems have an affiliation, but you can buy and use any takes your faction regardless of what deck you're playing.

How Do You Get Totems?

You get one totem from the standard set free when you start playing. Other totems are available to purchase from the in-game store. Standard totems can be bought using game gold, more advanced ones cost gems.

What Do Totems Do?

In game terms what totems do is... absolutely nothing! They're a cosmetic enhancement to the game and their use is simply to add flavour and personalisation to the game. Which totem you choose to buy/use for the game is a matter of personal taste and will not affect your results.

Although totems don't effect gameplay, they aren't just static decoration. If you click on the right part of either your or your opponent's totem during a game then it will play an animation. Basic totems have a single point of interaction, premium ones more than one.

You can preview the animations available to a totem before buying by pressing the 'eye' icon in the game store.

List Of Totems

Currently there are five basic totems, one for each Faction. Patch 1.16 added the first premium totem: Argenport Silverwing which is associated with the Justice faction.

Totem Name Faction Cost Animations
Fire Basic Fire 7000 Gold Flame Towers
Summon Infernus
Time Basic Time 7000 Gold Falling Stones
Time Threads
Justice Basic Justice 7000 Gold Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction (Reversed)
Primal Basic Primal 7000 Gold Lightning Strike (random)
Snow Blowing
Shadow Basic Shadow 7000 Gold Flying Crows
Crow Grasp
Argenport Silverwing Justice 600 Gems Horn
Head and Wings
Valkyrie Burst