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Treasury Gate
Legendary Relic
Justice x 1

Cost:    4

The first time you play a relic eapon each turn, play a Minotaur with the same attack/health and battle skills.

Treasury Gate

Treasury Gate is a legendary Relic card from the Eternal card game. It belongs to the Justice faction.

What Does Treasury Gate Do?

Treasury Gate is a Relic, so it's played on your main character rather than onto the battlefield. From then onwards, the first time each turn you play a Relic Weapon on your character you also get to play a unit for free: the unit is a Minotaur that has the same battle stats skills as the weapon.

So if for example you play a Mithril Mace you get a minotaur with attack power of 3 and health of 4; if you play a Sword Of Icaria you get a minotaur with attack/health of 3/2 and the Warcry skill; if you play a Sword Of The Sky King then your cute little minotaur has attack/health of 8/8!

Note that the minotaur only has the battle skills of the relic weapon, so it won't get special text abilities like those of Ceremonial Mask.

Since Treasury Gate is a relic rather than a Relic Weapon it won't be destroyed when you have no armour. The only way your opponent can get rid of it is by playing a card such as Ruin or Furnace Mage.

This page written for Eternal version 1.20, Card Set 1    Last updated: 10-05-2017