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Non Battle Skills
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"Does something when played."

Ultimate is a Text Skills in the Eternal online card game. Although used on the battlefield it's not officially counted as a Battle Skill.

As of card set 1 Ultimate is a rare skill possessed by only eight cards.

What Does Ultimate Do?

Ultimate is a Text Skill: it can do anything, depending on what it says on the card. However 'Ultimate' means that its ability can only do it once, usually at a power cost.

Note that if a card is killed then returns from the Void and is played again, its Ultimate skill is refreshed and can be used again. The same is also true is the card is returned to your hand, for example with Safe Return.

How To Use Ultimate

To activate an Ultimate ability the card must first be played to the battlefield. Then, as long as you have enough power, you simply click on it during one of your turns. If the unit is able to attack this turn you're given an 'Attack' and an 'Ability' button; otherwise the Ultimate ability is automatically triggered.

List of Ultimate Cards

As of card set one the following units and attachments possess the Ultimate Skill:

Card Faction Rarity Ultimate Cost Effect
Cabal Countess Shadow Rare 4 give Cabal Countess +2 attack and Quickdraw
Feln Bloodcaster Shadow + Primal Rare 7 draw a card from each player's deck
Friendly Wisp Time Uncommon Special draw two cards
The Last Word Shadow Legendary 9 make The Last Word's attacks deadly to players
Marshal Ironthorn Justice Legendary 15 kill all enemy units
Pyroknight Fire Rare 6 give Pyroknight +4/+4
Valkyrie Aspirant Justice Common 8 give Valkyrie Aspirant +4/+4
Xenan Guardian Time Common 8 give Xenan Guardign +5/+5

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This page written for Eternal version 1.15, Card Set 1