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Vara's Journey

The Shadowlands are a dangerous place riddled with strange magical energies. Those who wander inside rarely make it out again. Or, at least, they rarely make it out unchanged. With the Eternal Throne left suddenly vacant, Vara ventures into the unknown with a mysterious guide by her side.

What Is Vara's Journey?

Vara's Journey is a set of five Eternal promo cards released in January 2017 as part of patch 1.16. There's one new card for each faction and according to game lore these cards represent Vara's encounters in the Shadowlands.

Update: The Vara's Quest promotion has now ended. The five cards can now be obtained in the usual way through booster packs or crafting.

How To Get The Cards

The promo period for Vara's journey is now over and you can get the cards by crafting them using Shiftstone as normal.

List Of Cards

The table below lists the five cards that form the Vara's Journey promo set:

Name Faction Power Cost Skills Text
Find The Way Time 2 Echo Draw a Sigil of you choice from your deck. It is depleted when played.
Throne Warden Justice 5 Aegis Summon: You gain 4 shield.
Fevered Scout Fire 3 When you play a spell, Fevered Scout gets +2/+2 this turn.
Borderlands Waykeeper Primal 2 Aegis Ultimate: Pay 4 to give Borderlands Waykeeper +1 attack and Flying
Xenan Cultist Shadow 3 When one of your other units is killed, that unit gets +2/+2.

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