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The Eternal Void

When you start playing Eternal you'll notice that a lot of cards refer to The Void. It's not immediately obvious what this means.

What Is The Void?

The Void in Eternal is essentially the same as the graveyard in many other games. It's where dead units go... It's not just units that go here though. Attachments such as weapons go to the Void along with their owners, as do spells you've cast and any cards you discard. Your cards go to your Void, your opponent's go to theirs.

This includes cards that you draw and play along with generated tokens. Essentially everything goes to the Void eventually - entropy wins.

Except... there are exceptions. Some cards, for example Statuary Maiden, interfere with the normal process. It's also possible to get units out of the void.

How To Get Cards Back From The Void

There are a number of ways to get your cards - or even your opponent's - back from the Void.

Some return automatically, for example Steelfang Chakram. Others like Ephemeral Wisp and Vodakhan's Staff return when certain conditions are met.

There are also cards that let you bring other cards of your choice back from the Void. These include Excavate, Dark Return and Smuggler's Stash. Then there's Argenport Ringmaster which has an infiltrate ability that lets you bring back five random units from the enemy void - wonderfully annoying when it works!

There are other cards that manipulate the Void rules in various ways. For example Shadowlands Feaster makes enemy units go to your Void when they die whilst Reality Warden prevents anything from leaving either player's Void.

As you might expect, Void control and manipulation is mainly associated with the Shadow faction.

This page written for Eternal version 1.17, Card Set 1    Last updated: 22-02-2017