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Battle Skill
Ongoing Effect

"When this attacks, the top unit or weapon of your deck gets +1/+1."

Warcry is one of the Skills in Eternal. It's an ongoing Battle Skill. As of card set 1 Warcry is restricted to the Fire and Justice factions.

Units with Warcry have a trumpet/horn symbol in the icon slot.

Note that both units and weapons can have the Warcry skill. (ToDo: check if it stacks - probably not)

What Does Warcry Do?

Warcry give a unit or weapon a buffing ability. Every time it launches a combat attack the top unit or weapon in your deck is given a permanent +1/+1 damage/health bonus. For a few cards Warcry is written with a number, for instance "Warcry 2". In this case the bonus is "+2/+2".

This buff is applied when the Warcry unit launches an attack.It's not necessary for the unit to kill another unit and it doesn't matter if it's blocked - you still get the buff. However it only works when you attack, not when you block.


Warcry can be surprisingly powerful - those "+1"s add up! You'll want to keep it in play as long as possible and not use it as a blocker unless you're sure it can win.

On the other side, if my opponent plays a unit with Warcry then I like to use any spells etc to get rid of it as soon as I can.

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This page written for Eternal version 1.15, Card Set 1