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Waystone Infuser
Rare Unit
Time x 2

Cost:    5
Attack:  2
Health:  6

Your power cards have Warp.

Waystone Infuser

Note: The Omens Of The Past card set was released on 14th July 2017. Details on this page are based on first impressions and may need to be updated later.

Waystone Infuser is a rare unit card from the Eternal card game. It belongs to the Time faction.

What Does Waystone Infuser Do?

Waystone is quite expensive with a five power cost, however with a health of 6 it's a decent defender. More importantly, that health will give it more chance of staying on the battlefield long enough to make its special power useful.

Whilst you have Waystone Infuser in play, all your Power cards have the Warp skill, meaning that they can be played from the top of your deck directly. This gives you a great tempo advantage in that you often won't have to 'waste' your turn's draw on a power card.

Being able to play power cards more frequently will also work well with cards with the Empower skill such as Sanctuary Priest, Pillar Of Amar and Awakened Student. I'm expecting to see quite a few decks built around those combos.

One open question is whether or not this card will stack with Voice Of The Speaker. I suspect not: cards played using the Warp mechanism are never strictly speaking 'drawn'.

This page written for Eternal version 1.21, Card Set 1    Last updated: 13-07-2017