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Booster Packs

Booster packs - or just Packs - are a good way to gain additional cards in the Eternal game, either by spending real money or via free to play (FTP).

What Are Booster Packs?

Packs are currently available in two forms: The Empty Throne and Omens Of The Past. The difference is that each pack contains cards from only one set: The Empty Throne was card set one, Omens is card set two. As new cards are released then additional pack options are likely to be added.

A pack contains twelve cards from the appropriate set. Eleven of these will be Common or Uncommon, the final one will be Rare or Legendary. The exact drop rates are unpublished however some players have speculated a rate of one Legendary per ten packs.

Currently there's no way to get a booster pack containing cards from just a single faction.

How To Get Packs


There are two main ways to get booster packs. The first is simply to buy them in the in-game store.

Packs currently cost 1000 Gold or 100 Gems. Gold is the free to play currency, gems equate to real money.

You can choose to buy either The Empty Throne or Omens Of The Past booster packs.


Winning games in various game modes awards you with Chests. Gold and Diamond chests currently award you a booster pack.

Note that the packs you get in chests are only from The Empty Throne. There's no way to get Omens booster packs through chests, however the single card rewards can come from either card set.

This page written for Eternal version 1.22, Card Sets 1 & 2    Last updated: 22-07-2017