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Some spells and relics in Eternal can 'curse' other units or the enemy character. So what's that mean?

What Are Curses?

Curses in Eternal are basically a type of attachment. When you play a curse on a unit you essentially give it an attachment with a negative effect. At the time of writing (card set 1) there are only four curse producing cards: Mark Of Shame and Permafrost curse units on the battlefield, Azindel's Gift and Black Iron Manacles affect your opponent's main character (the 'face').

How To Remove A Curse

If your unit or character has been cursed, what can you do about it? There's no card in the game that says 'remove curse'. However there are still ways to uncurse a unit.

Since a curse is basically an attachment, the easiest way to remove the curse is to remove the attachment. Cards like Decay or Furnace Mage will do the job.

Alternatively you can silence the unit since this also silences the attachment. So cards like Dispel and Rebuke will also do the job. Of course they'll also remove any skills and special abilities the unit has.

If you don't have those cards, you can try killing the unit off or returning it to your hand, both of which remove the curse attachment. Of course if you kill it off you'll need a card like Dark Return to get it back into play again.

Cursed Relics

That's fine for curing cursed units, but what about the cursed relics? How do you get rid of Azindel's Gift or Black Iron Manacles? You can't silence your character and the attachment removal cards specify an enemy attachment.

Rather bizarely that's actually what you want. Even though a Curse is attached to your character it counts as an enemy attachment (assuming you didn't cast it on yourself!). So cards like Ruin. Furnace Mage or Decay which say 'Kill an enemy attachment' but don't mention 'unit' can be used to get rid of a cursed relic.

This page written for Eternal version 1.18, Card Set 1    Last updated: 12-07-2017