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Faction Combos

Most cards in Eternal belong to a single faction, however some multi faction cards have allegiance to two. With five factions in Eternal there are ten possible pairs of factions. Each of these has been given its own special name which is used on the joint banners along with some other cards.

Players will often refer to a deck by the name of the faction combo from which it draws its cards. To help you work out what the names mean, here's a table of them along with currently known game lore:

List Of Faction Combos

Name Factions Lore
Argenport Justice + Shadow
Combrei Time + Justice Combrei is a center of study, where mystics and artificers all seek perfection in their own ways.
Elysian Time + Primal The Elysians are a group of explorers and adventurers who brave the harshest regions in the world.
Feln Primal + Shadow The Feln are an outcast coven of shamans who use blood magic forbidden by the other tribes.
Hooru Justice + Primal The Hooru are a reclusive society ruled by the great owls, ancient sages of great wisdom and power.
Praxis Fire + Time The Praxis Arcanum are a collective of mages who seek power by unlocking the secrets of the universe.
Rakano Fire + Justice Rakano is a settlement near the edge of Crownwatch that has become a center of conflict with the Freed rebels.
Skycrag Fire + Primal
Stonescar Fire + Shadow The Stonescar mines are the richest source of shiftstone in the world, but dangerous creatures lurk in their depths...
Xenan Time + Shadow The Xenan Temple sits on the border of the Shadowlands, and is inhabited by the enigmatic Radiants.