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Jekk's Bounty

Jekk's Bounty was released on 16 Feb 2017 as the first DLC expansion for the Eternal card game.

What Is Jekk's Bounty?

Jekk's Bounty is what Dire Wolf are calling a game chapter or campaign - similar to an 'adventure' elsewhere. It consists of a series of 16 single player battles against AI theme decks. As with Gauntlet bosses, each mission has a special variation on the normal gameplay - see the list below for details. Unlike the Gauntlet you can choose a different deck for each battle so you can tailor what you need for a particular encounter.

Each time you win one of these battles you gain four copies of a special card from the DLC set. These cards won't drop in normal reward packs, but can be crafted like other cards.

In lore terms, Jekk is a bounty hunter and each battle represents one of his assignments.

How Much Does It Cost?

In keeping with Eternal's promise that all cards will be available to free-to-play (ftp) players, Jekk's Bounty is available for either gold or gems. To buy and play Jekk's Bounty, click on 'Campaign' under the 'Solo Battle' menu at the bottom left of the screen.

If you buy with game gold (the ftp currency) it'll cost 20,000 - which is quite a lot of grinding.

If you buy with gems the cost is 1,000. At the time of writing you can buy 1050 gems for $9.99 real money, which means that each battle and set of four cards costs about 60 cents.

Missions and Rewards

The table below lists the names of the missions along with their special gameplay rules and the reward available when you first beat the mission. Obviously a list like this contains spoilers.

Mission Name Special Rules Reward
Rogues And Ruffians Enemy units have +1 Strength, but you draw a card for each one you kill. 4 x Praxis Outlaw
Shootout! When a unit is played, it deals its Strength in damage to a random enemy. 4 x Hone
Take It Alive Use the Sleep Dart to capture the Avisaur Patriarch alive! 4 x Avisaur Patriarch
Stolen Goods Your deck is random cards, but they have no influence requirements. 4 x Nictotraxxian
Praxis Fugitive At the end of each player's turn, that player plays a Time Sigil. 4 x Passage Of Eons
Mad Dinomancer At the start of the enemy turn, he transforms a random unit into a 5/5 Carnosaur. 4 x Tyrannize
Grenadin Revolt Enemy Grenadin gain random battle skills when played. 4 x Quarry
The Lair Of The Beast Your units go to the enemy void when killed. 4 x Shadowlands Feaster
The Collector's Horde Cards cost 2 less the turn they are drawn. (Doesn't apply to opening hand.) 4 x Hibernating Behemoth
Guard Duty Protect the Caravan at all costs! 4 x Cliffside Porter
Copperhall Traitors When a unit is played, its Strength becomes its Health. 4 x Copperhall Bailiff
Blood On The Rocks When a player is reduced to 20 and 10 health or lower, the other player draws a random Dragon. 4 x Bait
Waking Nightmares The Nightmares will call upon the victims of your past. 4 x Stray Into Shadow
The Competition If the enemy starts his turn with less than 2 armor, his armor becomes 2. 4 x Combrei Emissary
The Countess The Countess plays a Knifejack at the start of each turn. 4 x Cabal Spymaster
Just Business Watch out, Jekk fights dirty. 4 x Jekk, The Bounty Hunter

This page written for Eternal version 1.19, Card Set 1    Last updated: 3-05-2017