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List Of Unit Weapons

This table shows unit weapons sorted by faction as of card set one.

Faction Name Rarity Power Cost Buff Battle Skills Text
Fire Heavy Axe Common 1 +2/+1
Fire Warhelm Uncommon 1 +1/0 Warcry, Charge
Fire Ornate Katana Common 1 +2/0 Summon: Draw a card
Fire Shogun's Sceptre Rare 3 +2/+1 Warcry Summon: Play a 2/1 Oni Ronin with Warcry
Fire Morningstar Uncommon 4 +3/+3 Overwhelm
Fire Steelfang Chakram Rare 4 +4/0 Entomb: Draw Steelfang Chakram fro the void
Fire Hellfire Rifle Common 6 +3/+3 Summon: Deal 3 damage to the enemy player
Time Ornamental Daggers Common 1 +1/+1 Echo
Time Healer's Cloak Uncommon 4 +2/+2 Summon: You gain health equal to the wielder's health
Time Divining Rod Rare 6 +3/+3 Summon: Play all units in the top four cards of your deck that share a skill with the wielder. Discard the rest.
Justice Elder's Feather Uncommon 1 +1/0 Flying
Justice Crownwatch Longsword Common 2 +2/+2
Justice Gilded Glaive Uncommon 3 +2/+2 Empower: +2/+2 this turn
Justice Bronze Cuirass Uncommon 4 0/+4 Summon: Draw a card
Justice Hammer Of Might Rare 4 +3/+3 Summon: Warcry 3 this turn
Justice Mantle Of Justice Uncommon 4 0/0 +1/+1 for each of your Justice influence
Justice Stalwart Shield Common 4 +1/+3 Endurance
Justice Valkyrie Wings Rare 6 +2/+4 Flying, Aegis
Primal Cloudsnake Saddle Rare 2 +3/+3 Can only be played on a unit with Flying
Shadow Venomfang Dagger Common 2 +1/+1 Deadly
Shadow Beastcaller's Amulet Uncommon 3 +1/0 Infiltrate: Play a +5/+5 Beast
Shadow Blackguard Sidearm 3 +2/+1 Quickdraw
Shadow Lethrai Falchion Rare 4 +4/+1 Lifesteal
Fire + Justice Deepforged Plate Legendary 5 +5/+5 Overwhelm, Endurance
Fire + Justice Vodakhan's Staff Rare 3 +3/+3 Empower: If you have 8 or more maximum power, draw Vodakhan's Staff from the void
Primal + Shadow Trickster's Cloak Common 3 +2/+2 Summon: The wielder is Unblockable this turn
Neutral Spiked Helm Uncommon 0 +1/+1
Neutral Worn Shield Common 1 0/+3

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This page written for Eternal version 1.16, Card Set 1    Last updated: 8-02-2017