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What Are Attachments?

Attachments in Eternal are 'things' that can be added to units or your main character in order to buff them and/or give them extra abilities.

Unit attachments are categorised as being Weapons (this includes armour - I know, I know - it wasn't my idea!) or Curses.

How Do Attachments Work?

Attachments cards work just like any other cards: they have a power cost and an influence requirement. If you have the required power and influence then you can play one or more attachments on your turn.

Attachments are played on a unit that's already on the battlefield. In theory you can play attachments on your opponent's units as well as your own, however you're not likely to want to do this unless it's a curse.

Units can have any number of attachments at a time. There's no limit on which attachments go together - so, for example, a single unit could be wielding three weapons and two shields at the same time! Buffs and abilities usually stack.

Units with an attachment have a glowing blue gem displayed in their border.

If a unit is Silenced then any attachments it has are also silenced; this removes text effects but leaves the base buffs intact. When a unit is killed its attachments also go to the void unless the card text says otherwise.

Relic Attachments

What Are Relics?

Relic attachments work the same way as ordinary attachments, however they are used by your main character. Only relic items can be played on your character and relic items can only be played on your character.

The most common form of relic attachment is the Relic Weapon, however there are a large number of miscellaneous items such as Eye Of Winter and Brimstone Altar which are just called Relics. There are also Cursed Relics such as Azindel's Gift which are designed to be played on your opponent's character.

When a character has a Relic attachment it displays a blue gem like a unit as well as a small icon indicating the Relic. Characters can equip any number of Relics at the same time. If they have more than one equipped then the number is shown in the icon.

This page written for Eternal version 1.17, Card Set 1    Last updated: 25-02-2017