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Non Battle Skills
One Shot Effect

"Remove all text from a card and its attachments."

Silence is a very powerful disabling Skill in Eternal. It's a Non Battle Skill which triggers immediately as a One Shot Effect. Silence is a skill associated with the Time, Justice and Shadow factions.

A Silenced unit on the battlefield is marked with a white cross in the icon slot.

What Does Silence Do?

When a unit is hit by Silence, all the card text is removed. That might not sound like much, but it means that all the card's Skills along with any other special abilities are removed. Permanently. So a card with amazing powers can be turned into an ordinary run of the mill fighter with no special abilities.

But that's not all... Silence also removes the text from any weapon the unit is equipped with at the time. So if your opponent has played a unit with excellent skills and abilities then buffed it further with a magic weapon, Silence is really effective.

Silencing a unit can sometimes be even more powerful than killing it outright. The effect of Silence remains when a unit is killed and sent to the Void. So if your opponent has cards like Dark Return which bring a unit back from the Void, it will come back Silenced. And a card like Steelfang Chackram or Ephemeral Wisp won't automatically return.

One thing to watch out for: Silence also removes any Curse on the unit. This means that Silence is a way to remove a curse on one of your own units, as long as that unit doesn't have any skills you want to keep. So if you're playing against a Justice deck then that Permafrost might no b as permanent as you think!

   Last updated: 3-07-2017
This page written for Eternal version 1.21, Card Set 1