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Stunned is a status effect that can be produced by a spell or by some units. Most cards with the Stun ability belong to the Primal faction, however Justice has Rebuke and Daze is factionless. In addition Jekk, The Bounty Hunter is a combined Fire+Justice unit that can Stun.

It's one of those aspects of the game that should be very simple but ends up being quite complex.

What Does Stun Mean?

Whilst stunned, units cannot attack or block, however any special skills they have are still active.

The official definition of Stun is:

"Exhaust a unit. It doesn't ready on its owners next turn. (Exhausted units can't attack or block)."

Let's break that down and try to work out how long the stunned status lasts...

If I stun an enemy on my turn, it immediately becomes exhausted and can't block my attackers. On the opponent's next turn the unit doesn't ready so it's still exhausted. My next turn it stays exhausted. Then on the opponent's turn after that it readies as normal.

So effectively the enemy unit is out of combat for two of my turns and one of its, like this:

Turn Action Unit Is...
My Turn I stun the unit Exhausted
Opponent's Turn Unit doesn't ready Exhausted
My Turn Unit doesn't ready Exhausted
Opponent's Turn Unit readies Normal

Note that Stun does not stack. If I stun an enemy unit twice in one turn, it does not stay out of action twice as long. However if I stun a unit one turn then stun it again on my next turn, the stun counter is reset. In addition there are cards such as Permafrost and Ice Sprite that keep a unit stunned for longer than normal.

Dealing With Stun

How do you defend against stun? Well, units with the Endurance can't be stunned at all, they're immune.

Once a unit is stunned, there's not a lot you can do except wait; as far as I know there's no 'remove stun' spell. If the stun was produced by Permafrost then it's effectively a Curse that you can remove. If caused by Ice Sprite then killing the Sprite removes the Stun effect.

Remember that a stunned unit isn't totally useless - you can still use its special abilities.

This page written for Eternal version 1.19, Card Set 1    Last updated: 17-04-2017