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New Game Mechanics

Eternal's cards set 2, Omens of the Past, will introduce a number of new game mechanics. Here's a brief overview, when I know more I'll give each one its own page as usual:


If a unit has Lifeforce then whenever your main character (face) gains life, something will happen. This skill is mainly associated with the Xenan faction combo - Time and Shadow.


This skill allows the mentor to specify a student. The student is exhausted this turn but in return gains some sort of benefit such as a buff. This skill is mainly associated with the Hooru faction combo - Justice and Primal.


Cards with revenge want to come back. If killed, instead of going to your Void the card is shuffled into the top ten cards of your deck and has 'Revenge' replaced with 'Destiny' (so it can only come back once). It's not clear yet how this mechanic will interact with a card such as Statuary Maiden. This skill is mainly associated with the Argenport faction combo - Justice and Shadow.


Spark is a conditional unit ability. If you've already done damage to your opponent's main character (face) on the turn you play the unit, it gains the ability. If not, it's lost. Any form of damage is acceptable, it doesn't have to be from combat - so expect to see those Torches and Static Bolts flying around! This skill is mainly associated with the Skycrag faction combo - Fire and Primal.


A card with the Warp ability can be played directly from the top of your deck rather than having to be drawn first. This skill is mainly associated with the Praxis faction combo - Fire and Time.

This page written for Eternal version 1.21, Card Set 1    Last updated: 14-07-2017